Take a Moment

Take a Moment - Album Art01 Not home yet
02 Call on Him
03 Never walk away
04 Keep me from falling
05 Battered and bruised
06 Take a moment
07 Love didn’t come easy
08 Miracle that you love me
09 I bow down
10 You are God
11 All in all
12 This is our God

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Reveiwed by Geoff Howlett

Michael Harcus and his wife Christine live on the island of Westray, which is one of the northern isles in Orkney.

In 1998 he released his first album called “There Is”, and received invites to play in prisons, church’s and events. Since then, he’s toured Scotland regularly and now releases this latest CD.

The songs are unashamedly MOR, but there’s a certain quality contained within each. Also, Michael manages to squeeze the best sounds from each individual instrument such as the mandolin on “Love Didn’t Come Easy” and the guitars on “You Are God”.

Perhaps the most radio friendly track is the 60’s sounding “Never Walk Away”. It’s got a great hook, a catchy tune, and I was singing along almost immediately.

At times, Michael’s vocals remind me of James Taylor, with a warmth and quality, especially on “Keep Me From Falling – a shuffling type of song! It’s always pleasing to hear new British artists, and especially pleasing when they’re as bright as Michael Harcus.

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